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Why are baby birds so cute?
Perhaps it’s their cute fluffy down feathers and their tiny wings. However for me it’s also seeing their excitement and playfulness with everything around them. In the case of these limpkin chicks, one found a snail on its own and it was so proud it went running around showing it off to everyone.
Watching the parents is interesting too. Both parents kept busy looking for food for their four chicks that seem to have an endless appetite. Good parenting isn't uniquely human and these limpkins certainly proved that.
Limpkins are tropical wetland birds whose range reaches into Florida. The adults have a long hooked beak, which is ideal for removing snails from the shell. Snails, especially apple snails make up most of their diet, however they love mussels too which they found plenty of in this pond.

This limpkin family was photographed at the pond at Largo Central Park Nature Preserve in Largo, Florida.